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Non-Corridor 57ft Coaches

Upon becoming CME of the LMS, William Stanier embarked on a redesign of the coaching stock of the company, incorporating steel panelled sides and large flush glazed windows, with characteristic large radius corners, into what became known as Period III design. Underframes and bogies remained standard throughout the company’s existence, although Stanier built welded types of both, with the riveted designs continuing to be built in parallel. Initially shallow window vents were employed, but by 1933 a deeper style had been standardised on. 


Very early Period III stock was painted in a full crimson lake livery, with the panels of earlier stock reproduced on the flush coach sides. After 1934 this changed to a simplified livery of three horizontal lining stripes on the body sides. Coach ends were crimson lake until 1936, and black thereafter, but post-war the official body side colour designation changed to maroon and the font of the lettering was altered. Post nationalisation, the BR liveries were first crimson and cream and later, lined maroon.






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