LMS, 8F Class, 2-8-0, 48035 - Era 3

LMS, 8F Class, 2-8-0, 48035 - Era 3


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LMS, 8F Class, 2-8-0, 48035 - Era 3


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| Description

In 1932, when William Stanier became the Chief Mechanical Engineer of the London Midland Scottish, most of the region’s freight traffic was being hauled by ageing 0-8-0 engines, many of which dated from the pre-grouping period. By 1934, freight traffic accounted for 58% of the LMS’s turnover and the only modern stock available for haulage were Beyer-Garrett and ‘Austin Seven’ Class 7F locomotives. These locomotives had serious maintenance issues, as well as proving inadequate for the gradual acceleration of freight traffic as decreed by the Operating Department and so Stanier looked to the Great Western Railway for design inspiration for his new freight locomotive.

The influence came from the GWR’s 28xx class, but Stanier’s chief draughtsman, T.F Coleman, removed any legacy of that locomotive from the final design, resulting in a typically balanced Stanier locomotive that was similar in appearance to that of the ‘Black 5’. The first locomotives left Crewe Works in June 1935 and initially were classified as 7F, although this was soon changed to 8F and the class quickly proved its worth on the whole range of freight duties, as well as express goods, parcels and occasional passenger traffic.


Hornby is a household name and is famous as the UK's brand leader in the model railway hobby with its high quality 00 gauge (1:76) models and accessories.

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y Technical Specification & Detail

Gauge 00
Length 258mm
DCC Type DCC Ready
Operator/Livery LMS, Plain Black
Designer Sir William Stanier
Entered Service 1930s
Age Suitability 14+
Motor 5 Pole Skew Wound. Loco Drive

Special Features

  • NEM Couplings

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Hornby 8F with DCC sound

My first 8F from this release had to be returned as the sound chip/motor control failed. Hornby replaced by return, great customer service, as usual. The replacement is running well and I' quite happy with it (except for a droopy tender coupling which I had to change as it was fouling the sleepers/track running in reverse. I use Railmaster to operate my layout and I like it but the Function buttons don't always match what the cv lists with the locos/sound chips promise, especially with non-Hornby kit. Overall I'm quite happy with the loco. If only all locos had the same pulling power of the current Black 5 or Class 20.

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