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The Wainwright H Class is in production!

The Wainwright H Class is in production!

Hello and welcome to The Engine Shed – your glimpse behind the scenes into the heart of the Hornby Development Office. For first time readers, welcome. Sit back, relax and enjoy a look at what’s been happening here at Hornby over the past two weeks.


The H class – built and ready to go


31278 H Class Tunbridge Wells Central c1962


Can you believe it’s been over a year since we announced right here that for 2017 we’d be producing the Wainwright H Class?! Hasn’t time flown? We’ve been there every step of the way showing you the first stereo samples, running and decoration samples and today, just weeks before the release we are pleased to show you the final approval sample for the R3539 - Wainwright H Class 0-4-4T in Late BR Livery.



If you can believe it, work began on our H Class project way back in December 2015 during an unseasonably warm trip to the Bluebell Railway. Armed with our trusty measuring stick we began taking notes on what was to become a real crowd pleaser at Warley 2016 and a loco that has quickly become one of our favourites to work on, not only because of its stunning design, but given that that we have had such amazing access to the real thing - we feel that this is one of the most detailed and accurate models we have produced.


Approval sample for R3539 - Wainwright H Class 0-4-4T in Late BR Livery


At this point we have to say a very special thank you to our friends at The Bluebell Railway for all of your assistance with this project – we really couldn’t have done it without you!

Fast forward almost two years and our team in the factory were kind enough to send us images of the H class as it began working its way along the production line and this can only mean one thing, only a few short weeks until this long awaited addition to the Hornby range will be in the hands of collectors all over the world.


The H Class is in prodcution and will be shipping VERY soon


Previoulsy unseen here in The Engine Shed, we also have the Decoration Sample for R3540 - the SR version of the H Class



The SECR and Late BR locos have both sold out on pre-order on our website (the SR loco still has limited pre-order availability), however you may still be able to place a pre-order via your local stockist. The Late BR version is available in our Limited Edition train pack – R3512, which recreates a typical BR(SR) branch line service of 1963, before the introduction of diesel/electric multiple unit traction, with Wainwright H Class No.31551 in British Railways lined black, accompanied by British Railways (Southern) ex-Maunsell Push/Pull Set 602, comprising coach nos.1318 and 6681. For more information, and up-to-date availability and arrival dates for all of the H Class models, take a look at the Wainwright H Class page.




Better late than never for the last Royal Scot



In the previous edition of the Engine shed we were excited to show the Approval Samples for two of our highly anticipated Royal Scot releases. It was unfortunate that we were only able to show you samples for R3558 'The Ranger' '46165' and the Limited Edition R3517 LMS 4-6-0 'Seaforth Highlander' which is part of our The Final Day Collection and helps commemorate the last day of the ‘Big Four’ rail companies. However wouldn’t you know it, just hours after our last blog went live, the final Royal Scot sample arrived on our desks. Without wasting any time at all, we got it on the layout and took some snaps in time to be able to show you this week! Take a look below at the approval sample for R3557 - LMS 4-6-0 'Royal Army Service Corps' '6126' Royal Scot Class.





Last call for the Great Electric Train Show



The 2017 Great Electric Train Show, hosted by our friends at Hornby Magazine, is just a few weeks away now on October 7/8 and this year will feature 28 layouts, 30 traders and seven demonstrations as well as full access to the British Motor Museum and its stunning collection of iconic and historic British motoring exhibits. The two day event is headlined by layouts including Mostyn - which hosts one of the largest collections of fine scale rolling stock on the exhibition circuit, Billingham - modelling the North East in the 1960s in ‘OO', Kingsbury - a Great Western through station and many more. The Hornby Magazine team are also in a race against the clock to complete the reworking of their Southern Region ‘OO’ exhibition layout Twelve Trees Junction in time for the show.

Visit their website to see the full line up and to purchase your discount advance tickets, guaranteeing early entry to the show and look out on our Social Media Channels in the coming weeks for an opportunity to win tickets to the show!



Well that about does it this week, thanks as always for tuning in, our next edition will be coming to you live from the Great Electric train show so will therefore be a day late, but do not fret, we might just have one or two surprises for you!

As always, please to leave a comment on our Social Media channels (Facebook & Twitter) and our forum about what you think of this week’s blog, your feedback is greatly appreciated.


Until next time…


Happy Modelling 


The Engine Shed Team


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