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The 'Right' Maroon plus Etched Crests for our GWR HST

The 'Right' Maroon plus Etched Crests for our GWR HST

Hello and welcome to The Engine Shed! After the celebration of our 60th edition in which we began our 2018 announcements with two models, we are back with more behind the scenes content from the world of Hornby.

It’s clear to see from the comments on social media and on forums that our two new liveries for the beloved Peckett are a welcome addition to our range and we must stress once again to not wait around. We know from experience that these little beauties will not hang around, so make sure you pre-order soon to guarantee yours and avoid disappointment!

Also last time, we revealed for the first time the decoration samples for 2017’s Princess Coronation Class – these stole the show at Warley last year and receiving the decoration samples means we are one step closer to seeing them on layouts. One thing that was brought up on various forum threads however was the issue of the colour – particularly the maroon used on our BR and LMS variations and we wanted to clear up the issue here and lay to rest any doubts people might have.


Decoration Sample for R3553 - LMS 4-6-2 'Duchess of Atholl' Princess Coronation Class (Modified)


When researching the colour schemes for the Duchess we were mindful of past comments regarding what is considered to be the ‘right’ shade of maroon used by the LMS and British Railways. Here at Hornby we are lucky enough to have friends in all the right places and we can call upon some of the industry’s top experts when we design our models. On this occasion, we have had the pleasure to consult with a leading figure in the field of model and locomotive painting, as well as a former NRM Researcher who worked on finding the ‘correct’ colour for 6229 Duchess of Hamilton, on display at the National Railway Museum. Between them they were able to provide us with details of the ACTUAL maroon paint used on the locomotives, and as if this wasn’t enough, also loan us colour samples of the paint used, from which our graphic designer has worked when creating the liveries. This was then compared to paint samples used at Derby works for painting BR Midland Region steam locomotives, which have been used by a leading professional painter on high end models ever since.


Paint samples loaned to us by the NRM and leading loco decoration experts (shot in studio conditions)


We are confident that the colour we have produced is as accurate as possible, representing its pristine state when first applied to the original locomotives, and we feel you will not be disappointed when the Hornby locos find their way into your collection. We could go into huge amounts of detail about colour temperature, the colour bias of film stock in the 1960s, lighting conditions, monitor resolution, RGB, CMYK etc, but perhaps we’ll save that for a face to face discussion at an upcoming show, shall we?

Take a look below where we ventured outside the doors of Hornby HQ to shoot our paint samples alongside our LMS variant of the Princess Coronation class in a brief window of late August sunshine, to show the sample in the most natural light and to give you the truest representation of the colour. This also shows just how different the different shades of LMS and BR maroon can look depending on the lighting conditions. As always, it’s great to read so many passionate comments from you all, so please keep them coming in!



Our decoration sample for ''Duchess of Atholl'  shot with our paint samples in bright sunshine outside Hornby HQ


Etched Crests for our GWR HST




Readers of the latest Hornby Magazine will have seen an interesting piece in the “Inside Hornby” column about our upcoming GWR HST. In it, it was revealed that the new release will be coming complete with separate metal ‘GWR’ lettering for optional fitting at home.

The smooth, high detailed metal lettering is created in our factory at the same time as the manufacture of the model itself and originally starts life as a roll of metal. The lettering is then stamped out and all the surplus material is removed, leaving you with a clear, defined decorative piece which when applied to the model stands slightly raised from the body, creating a more realistic and highly detailed effect.


Separate metal 'GWR' nameplate to be supplied as an extra with the GWR HST Class 43 Limited Edition Train Pack


We have taken great care with this feature so that these letters can be fitted precisely over the tampo printed lettering on the locomotive to add what we think will be the perfect finishing touch to the model.

We have just received the decoration sample for the highly anticipated Limited Edition GWR Class 43 HST 125 Train Pack (R3510), complete with separate logo plate and we think they look great! R3510 is now expected in January 2018, and can be pre-ordered from the website or your local stockist.


Decoration sample for our GWR Class 43 HST 125 Train Pack complete with separate etched metal nameplate 


Also just arrived, the approval samples for the GWR Mk3 coaches to coordinate with the HST set - they look fantastic! Available to pre-order from the website or your local stockist, take a look at the pictures below.





Hornby Junior goes viral (sort of)




Also this week we wanted to share with you an update on our exciting new Hornby Junior set that’s due to be released later this Autumn. We’ve created a video to show the set in all its glory and to give the first time buyer a clear vew of the contents of the set before its release. Keen observers of our social media channels may have already seen the video which sparked a tremendous reaction from parents and collectors alike. Take a look below at what’s been created and as always be sure to let us know what you think – we’ve seen some very vocal opinions on our new venture so far so keep your thoughts coming in!



Class 31 with TTS gets the Hornby Magazine treatment



To finish this week, we wanted to show you the terrific video shot by our friends over at Hornby Magazine featuring the - now sold out from Hornby.com – RailRoad BR A1A-A1A 'D5551' Class 31 in BR Two Tone Green with TTS Sound. Released earlier this month the new model comes with over 20 sound functions including Engine start/stop, Slow flange squeal and Brake squeal to name but a few. The Class 31 is reviewed in September issue of the magazine and they shot this video showcasing some of the sounds to go alongside their review. As we mentioned this has proved so popular that it has now sold out from Hornby.com but you may still be able to track one down from your local retailer.



Also, if it’s TTS you’re interested in, you’ll be glad to hear that our new standalone TTS Sound Decoders will be arriving at the beginning of September - available for a range of steam and diesel/electric classes!


Well that about does it for this edition. Thank you once again for all your kind comments on our 60th edition and our latest 2018 announcements, we look forward to revealing more soon! 

Don't forget, time is running out to enter our Customer Image competition! This is your chance to win £100 to spend on our website and have your image feature as September's Calendar Wallpaper! We've had some fantastic entries so far like this one from Adrian Pullen. 


Customer image competition entry from Adrian Pullen


Well that about does it for this week. As always we love to hear your feedback about the blog and anything you’ve seen within so please do leave your comments on Facebook, Twitter and our Official Forums.


Until next time, happy modelling!


The Engine Shed Team


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