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The Engine Shed is 60!

The Engine Shed is 60!

Hello and welcome to a very special edition of The Engine Shed, your VIP ticket to the Hornby Development office. Today’s post marks the 60th edition of our behind the scenes blog - and we're coming to you a day early to coincide with the new issue of Hornby Magazine, with which we are sharing some special birthday announcements!

Using The Engine Shed to announce new items has been one of the most exciting features of the blog, as we get to involve you in each project from the outset, plus we have the opportunity to act on your feedback if necessary. From the S15 decoration samples to announcements of our Collett Coaches and Peckett W4s we’ve thrown the doors open on the development of the Hornby range, as well as and delivering up-to-the-minute reports of events such as Model Rail Scotland.  On our 60th edition we'd like to say a big thank you to all of you for reading, and for your invaluable comments every edition - our readership has gone from strength to strength, with up to 30,000 views every month, far higher than we could ever have imagined when we started the blog.

So, on with the 60th edition. Let's start with our first product reveal from our 2018 range shall we?


Our first 2018 model announcement 

In celebration of our 60th edition we are pleased to announce our first product reveal for 2018, in conjunction with our friends at Hornby Magazine who have images and details of today’s announcements in their latest issue. Back in 2015 we first released plans for a model that would take the model rail community by storm and has since to gone on to sell out faster than any other model. We’re talking of course about the Peckett W4, and today we’re pleased to announce TWO new liveries for the much loved loco for 2018, Peckett Works Livery No. 560/1893 and Peckett Willans and Robinson No. 882/1902 “NICLAUSSE”!


Decoration render for 2018's R3615 - Peckett Works Livery No. 560/1893


Peckett Works Livery No. 560/1893 was built for the United Alkali Co. Ltd, of St. Helens in Lancashire and is shown in the ex-works lined Peckett livery of Leaf Green, which would have been standard for the majority of Peckett’s customers’ locomotives. 







Peckett Willans and Robinson No. 882/1902 “NICLAUSSE” was built for Willans and Robinson of Queensferry, Wales, who were manufacturers of water tube boilers and special steels. The locomotive was named after a type of French designed field-tube boiler used in some of the last pre-dreadnought battleships.


Decoration render for 2018's R3640 - Peckett Willans and Robinson No. 882/1902 “NICLAUSSE”





The Peckett is one of the recent models that we're most proud of, and we’ve been amazed at the quality of the Customer Images that have come flooding in of the loco in situ on your layouts. We were also incredibly honoured to win 1st Place in the 00 Gauge Steam category for the Peckett at the prestigious BRM Awards 2016, announced at Model Rail Scotland in February, where crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of the little loco on our layout.



R3427 - Peckett W4 'DODO' on our layout at Model Rail Scotland in February


The Peckett W Class was a classic late Victorian, four-coupled, medium range industrial saddletank that comprised six separate variations, from the W2 of 1884 to the W7 of 1938. Locomotives were built at the Atlas Engine Works in St. George, Bristol, Peckett & Sons Ltd having taken over the business established there by Fox, Walker & Company in 1880.

Peckett steam locos, noted for their fine rivet work on the cabs and tanks and the generous use of brass and copperwork, continued to be built at Atlas Works until June 12, 1958. Describing their core market as “Collieries, Ironworks, Contractors Tinplate Works etc.” Peckett took pride in turning their locos out in a lined Works livery and utilised many standard components in their construction, however the nature of the locomotives’ end use meant there were a number of alterations carried out, particularly as reduced height versions for operating in smelting works and collieries. Peckett were eventually bought out by Reed Crane & Hoist Company during 1961, having produced 140 W4 locomotives between April 1885 and February 1906.


The new Pecketts are available to pre-order now from the website or your local stockist. You know the drill, we anticipate these will sell out VERY fast so act now to avoid disappointment.



Something special for Warley 2017

So, on with the exclusive announcements! As the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year, we wanted to mark the occasion by producing a limited edition model – a BR Collett Class14xx 0-4-2T No.1450 - with 250 pieces available only from retailers at the show this coming November 


BR ‘14XX’ 1450 shunting at Severn Valley Railway - Credit Wikimedia Commons


The real loco, currently residing at Severn Valley Railway will take center stage at the show this year. Our model will be produced in BR lined green, complete with a numbered limited edition certificate. We’ll have more information about this Warley limited edition, such as the retailers which will be selling the loco at the show, as well as one or two Warley surprises of our own in an upcoming blog.





A decorated Duchess


RAS-LMS 8P 46235 ROT 14821


Finally, we have just received the decoration samples for one of our most anticipated models for 2017, the Princess Coronation class. We're very pleased with how these have turned out - though take a look below and see if you can spot the deliberate painting error. Those that do happen to look towards the rear truck axle boxes on R3555, don't worry. We spotted it straight away and this will be fixed before the model goes into production.

Decoration sample for R3553 - LMS 4-6-2 'Duchess of Atholl' Princess Coronation Class 


Decoration sample for R3509TTS - BR 4-6-2 'City of Birmingham' Princess Coronation Class (Modified) with TTS Sound


Decoration sample for R3555 - BR 4-6-2 'Sir William A. Stanier F.R.S.' Princess Coronation Class (Modified)


All three variations of our newly tooled Princess Coronation Class, expected to arrive this October, are available to pre-order now from Hornby.com or your local retailer


Well that about does it for this week. As always we love to hear your feedback about the blog and anything you’ve seen within so please do leave your comments on Facebook, Twitter and our Official Forums.


Until next time, happy modelling!


The Engine Shed Team


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