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Princess Royal, HVC Open Weekend and more!

Princess Royal, HVC Open Weekend and more!

Welcome to August’s edition of The Engine Shed – Hornby’s regular blog offering you all the latest Development news.

In many respects this month’s edition continues the theme from last month as we have more to show you from many of the subjects we covered in July. This includes the latest running sample of the Princess Royal that follows after last month’s look at the first tooling sample.

This sample certainly attracted some attention, both at our Hornby Visitor Centre Open Weekend and also online as a few photographs taken at the event made it onto social media. 

Speaking of this special event, for those that could not attend, we have an overview of proceedings from the weekend as we look back to the hundreds who attended to see the One:One Collection here in Margate for the first time. Exhibitors were also present from all over the country, to share this special day with us.

We also have a number of new samples including decoration samples of two of the 2019 Class 31s, plus the unique ‘Graffiti’ coach. There is also a second Engine Shed appearance of the Class 92s which offer a final look at these models as they approach their release.

But that is not all, we have a first look at the Coca-Cola wagons which were first announced a couple of months ago in our Mid-Year Range Launch and we check back in with the diminutive Ruston & Hornsby 48DS with a couple of new samples.

As ever, there is plenty of ground to cover, so we best get started.

Princess Royal

Received only a matter of days ahead of the Hornby Visitor Centre Open Weekend, the latest sample of the Princess Royal took its place on the Hornby stand and had more than its fair share of admirers. Following up on last month’s first look, this sample offers the next step in development as the Princess heads towards release.

Engine Shed Princess Royal
Engine Shed Princess Royal

Please remember that these samples are far from the finished versions. They are at an early stage in what is a long and complex process but a key milestone for the team and something we know many enthusiasts would be keen to see.

Engine Shed Princess Royal

In particular we should mention that there are small detailing pieces missing deliberately left off by the Development team. Regardless, we hope you will appreciate looking at this latest development.

Engine Shed Princess Royal
Engine Shed Princess Royal

Hornby Visitor Centre Open Weekend

It is safe to say that the weekend of 17th and 18th August was a huge success as hundreds of visitors joined us here in Margate over the two days. The weekend was not only to celebrate our return to the Margate office but also the first time that enthusiasts were able to see the stunning One:One Collection

Engine Shed locomotive storage Black 5

Joining ‘Bittern’ and the other members of the Locomotive Storage Collection, were exhibitors who had travelled far and wide to be with us here on the Isle of Thanet. From Hornby Magazine, to BRM, Oxford Diecast and local teams including the British Transport Police and Scouts. The weekend was a true celebration of the Hornby world of model railways and the links it has with the local community. With the early bird ticket holders making their way in on Saturday, everyone involved had a truly fantastic and enjoyable time. 

Engine Shed locomotive storage Bittern and InterCity

There was plenty for modellers too as special layouts were in attendance such as Callum Willcox’s 009 WW1 military layout ‘Amiens 1918’, Laurie Calvert’s 00 Sci-Fi Steampunk layout ‘Cato Pass’ and Folkestone, Hythe & District MRC’s 00 Finescale layout ‘Hythe’. Impressing the enthusiastic visitor with the level of detail and craftmanship shown on each of the layouts.

Enging Shed - exhibitors at Hornby Open Weekend

Our YouTube series Signal Box went live on the Saturday for the first time, with a mixture of pre-recorded footage (some from the morning of the event) interlaced with live interviews with CEO Lyndon Davies and Simon Kohler, offering those who could not make the event a chance to enjoy the entertainment.

The Signal Box team were incredibly pleased with how the very first broadcast went and hoped that those watching were similarly pleased.

On behalf of everyone here at Hornby we would like to thank those who made the weekend a very special experience and one that the team here will not forget.

Engine Shed model railway

Coca-Cola Wagons

Announced in our Mid-Year Range Launch, these two additional Coca-Cola models offered extra wagons for those who will be running the R1233 Coca-Cola Train set this Christmas. The R6934 LWB Box Van and R6933 Tank Wagon have really captured many railway enthusiast’s imagination and, as mentioned when we looked at the set itself, we have been genuinely pleased with the response that the set and the extra wagons have received. 

Engine Shed Coca Cola wagon
Engine Shed Coca Cola wagon
Engine Shed Coca Cola van
Engine Shed Coca Cola box van

We hope these samples keep those that have been patiently waiting for these models excited and we will continue to report back as these models progress into production.

Class 31

Following an early Class 31 release this year (R3661), two more are due with the R3746 BR Blue and the R3745 Network Rail models named for release late this year. A popular release with Diesel & Electric modellers, with two new decoration samples recently received into the office, we felt their inclusion in this month’s blog would be welcomed.

Engine Shed Class 31

These decoration samples are far from the finished article with small detailing parts missing. However, for the livery application itself the team are reasonably happy with them and the samples offer those modellers who are waiting for the release of the two models a chance to see how these Class 31s are progressing.

Engine Shed Class 31

BR 4 Wheel CCT (with Graffiti)

Another sample which we felt warranted inclusion this month was the R6919 BR 4 wheel CCT coach. Showing an item that is far from pristine, the graffiti and weathering will offer modellers a ready-made option for their layout. It is not hard to picture this model sitting in a siding on a layout which shows some of the less attractive but more the less accurate side of the railway.

Engine Shed BR 4 wheel grafitti

Due later this year, this small carriage is a unique item in the range and has already generated some keen interest with our readers. 

Engine Shed BR 4 wheel grafitti

Ruston & Hornsby 48DS

We have covered this newly tooled project in quite some detail having looked at its research and development in March’s Engine Shed blog. However, with approval samples arriving it offered another chance for Engine Shed to revisit two of these special models.

Engine Shed Ruston 48DS
Engine Shed Ruston 48DS

The R3704 No. 269595 and R3705 John Dewar & Sons models are approaching release and as such we have received another sample received. Offering a unique look at these models, we have a feeling that many Engine Shed readers will welcome the opportunity to take one more look at these diminutive models. 

Engine Shed Ruston 48DS
Engine Shed Ruston 48DS

These images highlight the fine engineering work that has gone into these new releases. The tiny motor is no bigger than a one pence piece and slots neatly into the body of the locomotive. The extra fine wire soldering work is also worthy of mention and is utilised to great effect, where the flatbed wagon is connected to the loco as an additional pick up facility. 

Engine Shed Ruston 48DS
Engine Shed Ruston 48DS

Class 92

The last set of samples we have for you in this edition of our blog are the Class 92s, which we have mentioned before (in June’s instalment). However, as we only had the opportunity to share three rough decoration samples, two of which were missing their wheels, we leapt at the chance to include updated samples which show the progress these models are making.

Engine Shed Caledonian Sleeper Class 92

The R3740 ‘Caledonian Sleeper’R3741 GBRf Europorte ‘Debussy’ and R3742F DB Cargo Romanian ‘Mihai Eminescu’ are currently due for release in early October and have a very attractive retail price of £84.99. 

Engine Shed Class 92
Engine Shed Class 92 DB Cargo

That is all we have for you in this edition of the Engine Shed and we hope you have enjoyed checking back in with the Hornby Development team. 

If you have enjoyed reading the Engine Shed please do let us know. You can get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or over on our Official Forum. Also, do not forget to keep in touch with our YouTube series Signal Box.

We would also like to take this opportunity to once again thank everyone who attended and tuned in to our Open Weekend as it was a unique and special couple of days.

On that note we shall take our leave and until next month,

Happy Modelling!

The Engine Shed team

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