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Hitachi IEP Class 800 GWR Decoration Samples have arrived

Hitachi IEP Class 800 GWR Decoration Samples have arrived

Hello and welcome to the Engine Shed – your fortnightly forage inside the Hornby Development office. We’re back with edition 62 and this week we are featuring an update for one of the stars of the 2017 range, the highly sought after Hitachi IEP Class 800 5 Car Train Pack.


Hand decorated prototype for 2017's Hitachi IEP Class 800 5 Car Train Pack


Ever since it was first unveiled at Warley 2016, at which point we were only able to show you a hand decorated sample, we have been waiting in earnest to see what the finished product of this high-speed star will look like and just as importantly, how it will run. So far, we’ve been able to show you running samples for the project and now, here it is, a fully working decoration sample!


Decoration sample for R3541


Measuring just over 5ft in length, the GWR green of the two power cars and three coaches certainly stands out on our test layout, and when we first got it moving someone pointed out that it had almost been three years since we were first invited by Hitachi to witness the unloading of their first prototypes on UK shores. It’s staggering how fast the time has gone since we began our initial plans and yet here it is, decorated and running brilliantly around the oval of our layout here in the Hornby R&D workshop.





As decoration samples go this is as good as it gets. It travels thought the points like a dream and after the feedback from our running sample, now comfortably hits its top scale-speed of 130mph. As always, we start it slow and work our way up and we were there with our camera to capture the moment - we kept the speed slow for the video to show you as much of the detail as possible.





With not long to go until its release, we're sure the Class 800 IEP will impress. We’ve worked very hard to ensure the train looks as close to the real thing as possible when it’s on the tracks. We’ve reduced the amount of space between the coaches and worked hard to ensure that all the decoration details are as accurate as possible. To do this, like with the GWR Class 43 HST train pack we featured last week, modellers will have the option to add etched ‘GWR’ logos to the power cars which give them a slight embossed effect and really makes them stand out.



A strip of etched 'GWR' logos that will come with the GWR Class 800 train pack


Those lucky enough to have secured a pre order of this limited edition train pack, all being well, can expect to receive theirs early next year.



The Royal Scot Approval Samples have arrived




Also this week, we’ve received our final approval samples for some more of our 2017 re-liveries, the iconic Royal Scott class, including the limited edition LMS 'Seaforth Highlander' No. 6108 in its final regional livery. This particular loco is part of our ‘The Final Day’ collection which marks the 70th anniversary of the end of the ‘Big Four’, after Clement Atlee’s Transport Act created British Railways in 1948.


 LMS 4-6-0 'Seaforth Highlander' Royal Scot Class Limited Edition



We’re very excited about the release of out Royal Scot class locos this year and couldn’t resist the opportunity to get the approval samples on our layout here at Hornby HQ for a bit of a test run before their release later this year. You can see how they look below and you can pre-order ‘The Final Day Collection' and the R3558 - 'The Ranger' and R3517 - 'Seaforth Highlander' now.


BR 4-6-0 'The Ranger' '46165' Royal Scot Class


Competition winners and Calendar Wallpapers


The winning entry to our Customer Image competition by Bob Ranger


Finally this week we wanted to give a special mention to the winner of the recent Customer Image competition here at Hornby.com. Ever since its launch we’ve loved seeing the stunningly creative entries of models old and new on this particulalry colourful section of our website, and recently we gave you the chance to win £100 to spend as well as to feature as September’s Calendar Wallpaper. Well last week we revealed the winner as Bob Ranger! His fantastic scene featuring a modified Peckett W4 captures the tranquillity of the loveable shunter going about its business in a superbly detailed yard. Very nice work Bob! Keep an eye out on here soon for more competitions in the future.

Well that about does it for this week. Thanks as always for tuning in and be sure to let us know what you think of the GWR Class 800 IEP decoration sample and anything else you’ve seen here in the Engine Shed in all the usual places (Facebook, Twitter and our Official Forum). 

Until next time…


Happy Modelling 


The Engine Shed Team


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