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A little Christmas cheer!

A little Christmas cheer!

Hello and welcome to an Engine Shed full of Christmas cheer! With all the latest information that you have come to expect from us here in Hornby’s Development blog, we also have a very special prize to giveaway in celebration of the festive season.

It was a real shame that we were not able to have a Christmas edition of The Engine Shed last year and so we are here today to right that wrong. Furthermore, next week will also see our ‘Review’ edition where we can go back through 2018 and pick out a few highlights from what has been a jam-packed year.

Having shown you the LMS Caledonian Blue Princess Coronation last time (which has since come into stock), we are hugely excited to show you the LMS Crimson Lake Princess Coronation as the sample for R3639 ‘King George VI’ joined us late last week.

However, that was not the only sample that joined us recently. As you may have seen on our social media channels, the R3621 J36 sample arrived too and we have plenty of exclusive imagery for you. There is also something for the diesel & electric fans, as we have the sample of the R3657 Class 60 ‘John Loundon McAdam’. Not seen before, this is another exclusive look at a model very close to release.

We can also confirm some more exciting news as the date for our range launch has been confirmed, a day that for many could almost rival Christmas Day itself. Confirmed in our Advent Calendar, we also have the news for you here too.

Before we dive in though, we wanted to have a quick look at what is quickly becoming the ‘face’ of Hornby at Christmas, the Santa’s Express Train Set.

Santa's Express

When the Santa’s Express train set first joined us in 2016, not too many people would have guessed the impact it would have on model railways at Christmas time. Aimed primarily to bring that extra bit of magic to your Christmas decorations, as well as offering a taste of what model railways has to offer, Santa’s Express can be seen as an almost complete success.

John Goacher's Santa's Express

We have received some fantastic images of the Santa's Express on our website, like John Goacher's set up.

While the set may not grab the attention of the enthusiast, it is hugely important nonetheless. After all, these sets are of crucial importance as an introduction to the next generation of collectors. Many of us would have seen, first hand, the appeal Santa’s Express has in capturing the imagination of youngsters, leading many to watch the train dutifully make its way round and round the Christmas tree.

Wayne Cash's Santa's Express

Wayne Cash's Santa's Express

Santa’s Express also reaches far beyond what model railways may be expected to achieve. It has been set up by families around the country who, without the thought of a traditional bit of Christmas cheer, would likely never have experienced model railways at all.

Gracing hundreds, if not thousands, of living rooms around the UK we felt it was only right to shine a light on this success story, especially at this time of year. These kinds of sets can often be overlooked in The Engine Shed, as we normally concentrate on big new tooling projects, but they are just as impactful to the overall picture of this hobby.

Paul Yearron's Santa's Express

A wonderfully festive arrangement by Paul Yearron

We hope that many of you will not only agree on what a fantastic addition Santa’s Express has been but may even join us in using this set to spread the hobby to new collectors and the future of model railways.

Latest Samples

Having patiently waited for the Streamlined Princess Coronations to join us, it feels particularly good to be able follow up last month’s edition with the LMS Crimson Lake ‘King George VI’ (R3639). As soon as we had the Caledonian Blue to show you last time, we knew many collectors would be asking about the Crimson Lake livery and to be able to include it so soon afterwards will hopefully please many modellers waiting for these models.

Hornby R3639 Sample
Hornby R3639 Sample

Of course we must add the usual ‘Engine Shed disclaimer’ that while this sample is far along in the process, it does not show the final version of the model. There are always improvements to be made and each sample we show you has always been put through its paces by the team.

The Development team would also like to add that care should be taken with all the Streamlined Princess Coronation tenders. If the tender body cannot be easily eased forward and away from the two rear retaining clips, do not force it. Instead remove the rear coupling bar assembly and ease the body forward with light pressure to the rear of the clips. If you encounter any difficulty, please contact our Customer Services team.

Hornby R3639 Sample
Hornby R3639 Sample

We have seen quite a lot of the J36 Class here in The Engine Shed so far, but with the final sample of R3621 722 arriving just a couple of days before the Streamlined Princess Coronation, it only felt right to include it too.

Hornby R3621 Sample
Hornby R3621 Sample

The R3657 Class 60 ‘John Loundon McAdam’ is also due very soon and for those of you waiting for its arrival we have a number of photos of the latest sample. Like the other samples included this month, there is nothing in particular we need to make you aware of as the team are very happy with the project overall.

Hornby R3657 Sample
Hornby R3657 Sample
Hornby R3657 Sample
Hornby R3657 Sample

Competition Time

It just would not be a Christmas edition of The Engine Shed without offering you a little something! Fortunately, we were able to find a cracking prize and this year you could be in with a chance of winning a sample of the Lord Nelson Class ‘Sir Francis Drake’ (R3634). Another project we have covered in detail throughout the year, it feels incredibly fitting to be able to offer this as a prize to our readers.

Hornby R3634 Sample

For your chance to win, simply head on over to our competitions page and answer the Engine Shed related question. The competition closes on the 31st December, with our winner selected at random and announced in our first edition of 2019.

Good luck!

The National Festival of Railway Modelling Peterborough

Hornby at Peterborough 2018

Our last show of 2018 also took place recently as the team made the trip to the East of England Arena & Events Centre in Peterborough. As always, the Hornby team had a fantastic time chatting to all the collectors in attendance, hearing their feedback and discussing what was on show.

Hornby at Peterborough 2018
Hornby at Peterborough 2018

The weekend absolutely flew by and it was another special experience from a busy year of attendance at events all around the country.

You can be sure the team have already begun work on the events we are attending in 2019 and we will be doing our best to give you a taste of those shows here in The Engine Shed throughout the year.

Hornby at Peterborough 2018
Hornby at Peterborough 2018

Advent Calendar

We mentioned at the start of December when our online Advent Calendar launched and now with December drawing to a close, we only have a few doors remaining until the big day. We hope for any of you following along that you have enjoyed the Advent Calendar, which gave you plenty of opportunities to win a prize, as well as find out more about Hornby and model railways.

The Advent Calendar is a special and unique part of Christmas on the Hornby website and we certainly hope you enjoy visiting the website each day and seeing what treat we have in store for you.

However, we did want to pick out one window which opened yesterday. We recently invited YouTuber SDJR7F88, also known as Callum Willcox, to create a special Christmas layout and he did not disappoint. We are sure Engine Shed fans will be keen to see how Callum got on and we have the video for you below.

Range Launch

Just before we leave you, we can confirm a date for your diaries. Monday 7th January will see our entire 2019 offering announced here at Hornby.com. We will be joining you a few days afterwards to digest the new range and pick out just a few of the projects we will be following throughout the year.

We hope to see you there and we will have our fingers crossed that many of you will find something you can look forward to next year.

That just about wraps it up for our Christmas edition of The Engine Shed. Please enter our competition for your chance to win a sample of ‘Sir Francis Drake’ and we will be seeing you very soon for our ‘Review’ edition of the blog.

As always, if you do have anything you would like to get in touch with us about, please use either Facebook, Twitter or our official Forum.

That leaves us just to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas. We will be seeing you next week, but if we miss you, have a Happy New Year and we hope to see you for the range launch early next year.

Until then,

Happy Modelling! 

The Engine Shed team


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