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Welcome to The Engine Shed

Your behind the scenes look into the Hornby Development Office, coming to you regularly with exclusive updates on upcoming models.

LMS & LSWR Brake Vans and plenty of new samples!

In September's Engine Shed blog we have the full story behind the newly tooled LMS and LSWR Brake Vans. Talking to the Hornby designer behind these models, we show you the latest developments with the stunning decoration samples. There's also plenty more samples for you with the Class 87, 48DS, Class 59 and Belmond 'British Pullman' Train Pack.

Princess Royal, HVC Open Weekend and more!

We look back at the Hornby Visitor Centre Open Weekend and bring you the latest running sample of the Princess Royal in this month's edition of the blog. Alongside this, we have a number of new samples from the 2019 Class 31s, Class 92s, Ruston & Hornsby 48DS and the unique 'Grafitti' coach.

The forthcoming Hornby Visitor Centre Open Weekend, Princess Royal, Class 156 and much more!

With the Hornby Visitor Centre Open Weekend just a few weeks away, this edition of the Engine Shed looks ahead to this special event. As normal, there's also all the latest samples including the Princes Royal, Class 156 'Spirit of the Royal Air Force', Virgin Trains Class 87 and much more!

The Mk3 SD Coaches and 'New Vans' Engineering Samples, plus all the latest Decoration Samples

In a slight departure from recent Engine Shed blogs, June's instalment updates you on all the latest samples with the promise of much more to come later! Starting with the Mk3 SD and 'New Vans' Engineering Samples, there's also Decoration Samples for the Coca-Cola Train Set, Class 92s and Class 43 HSTs, as well as another look at an international model.

Bulleid 59' Coaches, the USA Tour 'Flying Scotsman' and two Club locos

The next newly tooled project brought into focus is the Bulleid 59' coaches with their current development story covered in this month's edition of the blog. There are also the latest samples of both the USA Tour 'Flying Scotsman', BR Large Prairies, the 2019 LNER Teak coaches and two Club locomotives.

The 'Large Prairie', Mk.2F Coaches and the Rivarossi "Big Boy"

The Engine Shed continues through the 2019 range picking out another two newly tooled projects and giving you all the inside information. From research through design and then onto the latest Decoration Samples, we have unrivalled access to both the Large Prairie and Mk.2F projects. There is also a new feature on the Rivarossi "Big Boy" locomotive.

The new R7229 Analogue Controller, R&H 48DS and the Peckett B2

March's blog takes a look at the development projects behind three new 2019 items. Covering the R7229 Analogue Controller, Ruston & Hornsby 48DS and Peckett B2, there's inside information on all three models ahead of their release later in the year. There's also time to check in with the 'Large Prairie' and recent London Festival of Railway Modelling at Alexandra Palace.

Stroudley's 'Terriers' and the Collett 57' Bow Ended Suburban Coaches

Following January's brief look at the 2019 range, we take a deep dive on two of the first new tooling projects to arrive this year. There's also another look at the Peckett B2 and Ruston & Hornsby 48DS as well as a look ahead to Model Rail Scotland.

The Hornby 2019 Range!

Join us as we explore some of the key releases from the 2019 Range. Picking out the main projects that will form the backbone of the blog this year, we provide some additional information with the promise of much, much more to come.

2018 - What a year!

In this special edition of The Engine Shed, we take a look back over 2018 and pick out some of the key stories from the year.

A little Christmas cheer!

Welcome to a special Christmas edition of The Engine Shed. With all the latest news you've come to expect, we also have a competition for your chance to win an Engine Shed sample!

The Streamlined Princess Coronation Class has arrived!

The Streamlined Princess Coronation has arrived and is included in this edition of The Engine Shed! Offering the first look at this highly-anticipated model, we also catch up with the Lord Nelson and J36. Furthermore, there's an exclusive peak at the West Country Class Bideford (R3638) and all the details from the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition 2018.

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