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SR numbers


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how do you find the R number on older models .just dug 5 locos out of the attic need R number to order brushes and wheel bands.



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If you tell us what the locos are or post some pictures we may be able to help.

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Hi 66 - welcome to the forum.


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Please be patient and we'll get you all the help you need.



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If you tell us what the locos are or post some pictures we may be able to help.

All 1980-1990s ..........intercity swallow numberd43198.........intercity named Terrance cuneo. No 91-011..........railfright double red diamonds and Tudor rose .........green mallard ring filed in tender........looks like pandered peckett 0-6-0 armature with worm gear (red wire off on this one any idea where it attaches to) thanks for any help in ldentifing R numbers.



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Class 91  R585

Mallard  R350  or R353

Can you check HST number and need a bit more detail on other locos



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Have a look at this listing and the bogies section http://www.hornbyguide.com/service_sheet_menu.asp

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Not quite sure what a 'pandered Peckett' is, but for the others they all use the same Ringfield motor brush - pack X8026 for 10 or X8466 also containing 10 brush springs.  Traction tyres are packs X8029 (or later renumbered X8461) - small, and X8030 - large.  Each pack contains 10 tyres.  Small is for the HST and class 91 plus the Railfreight loco which is likely to be a class 37 or 47, whilst the large is for Mallard's tender.



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Thanks for the information all sorted regards


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